The Big Sunflower ProjectThe Big Sunflower Project

The Big Sunflower Project aims to raise awareness of the rare neuromuscular condtions known as centronuclear and myotubular myopathy by asking people to grow a sunflower.

Why a sunflower

Sunflowers have been prominent in the design of our website for some time now. They were chosen for the cheery and positive outlook they convey, growing to such dizzy heights, as if they are on a mission to touch the sky and nothing can hold them back. Every year since 2011 The Information Point has given away sunflower seeds in return for photos of the sunflowers, which are displayed on our website, in our newsletters and on social media. Taking part is easy - keep reading to find out how.

Sunflowers grown by Moorsholm in Bloom.Getting started

Our aim is to get as many people as possible growing sunflowers. Participants can obtain their own seeds or request seeds from The Information Point by emailing their name and address with the subject line 'The Big Sunflower Project'. Tell us a little about yourself and if you are requesting seeds on behalf of a group, the number of seeds you would like and the address they should be sent to. Unfortunately we are unable to send seeds outside of Europe but those living in Canada and the USA can now take part in The Big Sunflower Project Canada and USA.

Sunflowers grown by Hazlehurst Artists.Take photos
and share with us

In return for the seeds all we ask is that people take photos of the sunflowers as they grow or when they have flowered. All the photos displayed on this page have been submitted to the project since it began. Sharing the photos helps The Information Point raise awareness of centronuclear and myotubular myopathy, as well as allowing participants the opportunity to see the sunflowers being grown by others taking part in the project. Photos may be displayed on our website, in our newsletter and on our Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Instagram pages.

Sunflower grown by Toni.Further information

* Download our flyer (PDF, 266.71KB)
* How it all began
* How to grow sunflowers
* How to harvest sunflower seeds

Photos from our first four years

* 2014
* 2013
* 2012
* 2011

Ollie and Paige planting sunflowers in Chester.
Rachel planting sunflowers in Oswestry.
Sunflowers grown by New Shoots in Leeds.
Sunflowers grown at Warden Abbey vineyard in Bedfordshire.
Pernille with giant sunflower grown in Denmark.
Sunflowers grown by Calderstones school in Liverpool.
Sunflowers grown by Toni.