6 May 1998 – 17 December 1998

Nathaniel’s story originally formed part of a case study and presentation which can be viewed below.

Nathaniel Joseph Supleo-Tordesillas was born on May 16th 1998. He was rushed to the Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto) because he was floppy, had blue skin and a mucus plug. Here, Doctors stabilized and intubated him.

A muscle biopsy was conducted and Nathaniel was diagnosed with MTM. He was extubated on June 17th, 1998 and it was predicted he would not live longer than one week without the ventilator.

Nathaniel was long and slender with an elongated head. He has shifting of bones due to poor muscle tone and a frog-leg posture. At 4 months, Nathaniel kicked when he laughed and smiled when he recognized people.

On 25th November 1998, Nathaniel underwent a G-Tube operation. He was not sedated; doctors froze the small area of his stomach that was operated on. Nathaniel died on December 17th 1998.