My son’s face is flushed
As he motions me towards his window.
I look up, and I now see what he sees.

Venus is singled out
Like a red peg on a world map.
I look down and catch his look.
He is grinning from ear to ear
Eyes all alight
Thrilled with his find.

I look up and wonder at it all.
She is just a star,
And I don’t see what all of the fuss is about.

I don’t see, but he does.
And because he does
She is his now, actually.
He may be the only boy in the world
Who notices her tonight…

No ordinary boy would…
Those boys who would be racing on their bikes,
Those boys who could almost fly…
Boys counting out loud to a hundred and five,
Boys chasing fireflies,
Boys who would know the swishing of Dungarees,
Boys who would know skinned knees.
The burn of peroxide,
The mother’s nervous lower lip bite.
‘It will only sting a little, all right?’

No, no ordinary boy would.
He has never been hushed,
Has never cried out loud.
Has never been to time out.
Never been lost in a crowd,
Has never played hide and seek.
Has never dipped his toes into a creek.
Never looked for shells on the beach.

My son who is amazed at finding a hole in his socks,
Sees the ‘hole’ in the sky.

He is all lit up
Face flushed
As if he has been on some grand adventure,
As if he has sailed all seven of the seas,
Loosed the Kraken,
Slayed the Dragon,
And rescued the damsel in distress.
Oh the wonder of it all…
My son, who doesn’t have enough strength
To crawl to the other side of his Captain’s bed,
Has found a star.

My son is looking up
Face flushed
All over a star…
Thrilled with his find.

And she is exquisite tonight,
Throbbing like a sore thumb
She will not be ignored.
I didn’t notice her before.
Why do I notice her now…
Oh my…
Now I know.

Venus has looked inside the window
And has seen my son.

Reproduced with permission of 
Jennifer Darr