My name is Sara, I’m 22 years old and live in Alberta, Canada. For as long as I can remember I have always had weak muscles, and have never really been athletic.


When I was 4 or 5, I was in an accident, a big metal bar I was playing on came crashing down and crushed both my knees. Since then my knees have always bothered me when doing anything physical…therefore myself and my family was convinced this was the reason behind my muscle weakness…I would always avoid sports, etc. because of the pain in my knees.

I have lived a fairly normal life, although I have had some struggles. I have never had very good grip, stairs have always been somewhat of a struggle, my voice is very soft, and I am very clumsy and often times fall over for no apparent reason.

The past few years noticed myself getting physically weaker. I cannot sit on the floor and simply stand back up without grabbing onto something to pull myself up. I also need to use handrails when I walk up the stairs. Finally after an extremely painful muscle biopsy, there were some results.

I do not know what my future may hold, but feel very lucky to have such amazing friends and family. For now I am trying to live a normal life.

I recently stopped working full time and now work part time at a newspaper doing my dream job of creating ads. I love going dancing with my girlfriends, going quadding, spending time with our two dogs, and making jewelry. I just recently got engaged and am busy planning a wedding. Life is short and … and even though I have many struggles I am trying to make the best of it.