Products and services

People who who donated their services, time and expertise.


The images that appear on The Information Point website and The Big Sunflower Project website were created by Rebecca J Kent, a graduate of Manchester Metroplitan University in the UK. You can learn more about the creation of the images below.


In 2010 JimPix designed a number of e-cards for the Information Point. They included cards designed with the aim of raising awareness of CNM/MTM, cards to mark the 10 year anniversary of The Information Point and a number of Christmas e-cards.

Email marketing

Extravision is a privately owned UK based email service provider founded in 2004 offering flexible email marketing solutions to both small and large businesses. They provide The Information Point with their email marketing service free of charge, meaning newsletters are sent easily, quickly and professionally.


Our Terms and Privacy Policy were written by Eversheds of London via LawWorks, a national charity which works with solicitors to support, promote and encourage a commitment to free advice across the legal profession. The charity aim to provide free legal advice to those who cannot afford to pay for it or are unable to access legal aid, such as small charities, not for profit, voluntary and community organisations in England and Wales, by using lawyers who volunteer their time and expertise.

Seeds and seed packets

The Big Sunflower Project would not be possible without the generosity of the organisations who have supported the project by donating seeds and seed packets for free. You can read about these people on The Big Sunflower Project website.

Webhosting and domain name

Since February 2006, Net-work have provided our web hosting and domain name. At a time when nobody else would sponsor the Information Point, they volunteered their service free of charge.