Philip was born 9 weeks early on 23nd September 2008. He moved rarely and needed CPAP, then after a few days he needed ventilation because he was too weak.

Philip had to stay in ICU for 2 1/2 months and another 4 months in hospital before he came home. We got his diagnosis a few months later and it was hard in the beginning especially because the doctors could not give us sufficient information. So it was quite a lot of work to get all the important information together.

Philip has improved so much since then and is able to do things we never thought he would. He only needs to be ventilated during night time and when he takes a nap in the afternoon, he accepts the PMV (speaking value) for several hours a day and we hope that he will have the power to speak. Apart from that Philip is a very cute, charming and happy boy who fills our lives with so much love.

To read updates about Philip vist Philip's blog.

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