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GeorginaCeramic artist Georgina Fowler will be showcasing her work at World Event Young Artists (WEYA), a new international arts festival, when it is launched in September as a finale to the Cultural Olympiad.

1,000 artists from 100 nations all aged between 18 and 30 have been selected to take part. The artists, who work across every art form from visual art, music, dance and photography to film, spoken word, theatre and gastronomy, will bring their work to Nottingham for a 10-day festival celebration in 30 world class venues and alternative spaces across the city.

Georgina who has myotubular myopathy graduated in BA (Hons) Contemporary Applied Arts from Hereford College of Arts in 2010. She says 'I make handmade slip cast earthenware vessels and plates. These are from moulds which I have made from paper models.

I experiment with different twisted shapes, and through working with paper the outcome has been a simple shape but with a subtle twist. I am inspired by fairy tales, imagination and the surreal. I take something and make it into something like from a dream. Through drawings I scan these into the computer and manipulate them on Photoshop to get designs which I apply to the vessels and plates. Each piece is unique in how I place the transfers'.


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