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Lindsay SwansonThe Beggs Laboratory at Boston Children's Hospital has a new genetic counsellor, Lindsay Swanson.

Lindsay can help with inquiries about inheritance patterns, research studies and general information about the congenital myopathies, including centronuclear and myotubular myopathy. She uses her genetic counselling skills to identify and recruit study participants, design recruitment materials and gather and analyse clinical data.

The Beggs Laboratory congenital myopathy research programme involves over 1000 people with different congenital myopathies, including more than 200 with CNM / MTM. Their research is focused on identifying the genes involved in the congenital myopathies and in learning more about what function these genes play in the body. Their hope is that learning more about these conditions will eventually allow for improved diagnosis and treatment of patients with congenital myopathies.

Lindsay received her Master's Degree in genetic counselling from the University of Minnesota in April 2012 and joined the Beggs Laboratory in July 2012. She is excited to begin working with individuals and families with congenital myopathies.

Contact Lindsay:

• By email:
• Post: Boston Children's Hospital, 3 Blackfan Circle, CLSB 15031, Boston, MA 02115 USA
• Telephone: 617-919-2169
• Fax: 617-730-0786

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