Food Glorious Food




Scott and Eileen Considine-Boggins.
Last November Scott Crane weighed only 70 pounds due to complications caused by centronuclear myopathy but what bothered him most was that he had lost his appetite.

Scott, a patient at Midwest Palliative and Hospice CareCenter in Glenview, IL USA had already ruled out music therapy and a visit from the rabbi but when asked by a hospice social worker how she might help, Scott suggested food therapy.

Scott who has loved cooking from being a child says 'I've been cooking forever with my dad. I love creating new things'. Scott's mother says 'He loves, loves, loves food'. In school 'other kids were ordering grilled cheese and peanut butter and jelly, and he would want lobster'.

Scott cooking his birthday meal.So, it came to pass that a hospice worker named Eileen Considine-Boggins who was known to have a culinary degree, was called upon to help and Scott subsequently celebrated his 23rd birthday earlier this year doing what he loves most - cooking.

Eileen and Scott create created a four course gourmet meal for his family. A platter of assorted olives, gourmet cheeses and grilled bread; grilled sea scallops and a bibb salad served in a basket made of baked Parmesan cheese; and filet mignon with Madeira sauce, sea bass, and grilled asparagus with lemon and toasted pine nuts. Apple pie and chocolate cake were made for dessert.

The sessions says Scott's mother 'have given him something to look forward to'. Scott and Eileen now trade recipes and cookbooks, planning weekly meals which they cook every Thursday and Scott is planning a cooking therapy blog to record the food cooked at the sessions.

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